Gold Coast Security and Logistics Company

To provide a best-in-class level of service across all aspects of shipping and logistics by leveraging a quarter of a century of experience.

Air Freight Services

Moving goods as fast as possible on a global scale is what our proven range of air freight services do best.

Land Freight Services

No matter whether you’re moving a small package a short distance, or a complex specialist shipment across borders, our land freight services are at your disposal.

Sea Freight Services

Our sea freight services have been the best-in-class solution in the industry for years, and we’re continually reinvesting to keep it that way.


If we say we’re going to do something, we always do. It’s as simple as that and it’s the only way to build trust. This extends to our team, our network of contacts, and most importantly of all, our customers


While others may try to overcomplicate things, or add on additional extra charges, we believe a simple, transparent approach is always best. By showing you exactly what we can deliver for your money, we allow you to make smart decisions with the minimum of effort


We’ve been here since 1999 but that didn’t happen by standing still and resting on our laurels. By continuously expanding into new areas and investing in the latest smart solutions, we keep two steps ahead of the rest of the industry



We place premium value on your goods. With us your goods are insured against any uncertainty.


We belong the Cross Trades, World Cargo Alliance(WCA) family amongst other global networks, and have access to over 6,253 member offices in 793 cities and ports spanning 189 countries across the world.


Gold Coast Shipping clears our cherished clients’ cargo within 3-5 working days upon receiving documentation and arrival of goods

Over the years the Company has expanded its services from customs brokerage to Freight forwarding which includes  warehousing(Bonded and Non Bonded), Diplomatic movements, Removal services (Household and corporate),Courier Services, Hauling, Project Cargo Movement, Ground Handling, Heavy duty Movement, Cross Boarder Transportation, Aviation Cargo Experts

The company is the first and only Freight Forwarding Company to obtain the Air Carrier License in handling chartered cargo flights in Ghana and is currently the Cargo Sales Agent (CSA) for Ethiopian Airlines with worldwide connections.


Insights and Innovation

To enable collaboration, the company brings together customers, research and academic institutions, industry partners, and logistics experts within the Gold Coast business divisions. As a thought leader in the logistics industry, Gold Infrastructural invests in trend research and solution development.