Information theft in the form of industrial spying can occur anywhere at all; even private conversations taking place on aeroplanes are not exempted from eavesdropping and their ilk. This is just one example of the capability of today’s global spies. They can easily replace an ordinary desktop stapler containing a transmitter, or attach a voice active bug under the desk, or place a drop in a microphone of a telephone in less than 20 seconds. Where competition exists or there is information that needs to be kept secret, there are likely to be some form of spying. Our three steps SWEEP process:

We specialise in providing end-to-end counter surveillance solutions that address the issues of espionage, competitive intelligence gathering and theft of information and intellectual property.

We believe that it’s important for organisations and individuals to consider a holistic approach when dealing with the threat of espionage and as such, we will work with you to develop a cohesive, counter surveillance strategy.