Export Services from Gold Coast Security and Logistics

  • Our staff will provide a quotation for your exports overseas. We utilize a variety of carriers specializing in specific trade lanes, in order to offer the best available market price to your destinations.
  • When goods are ready for shipping, we will guide you through the necessary export documentation required, and book arrangements for pickup for LCL or a full container. Pre-alert details will be faxed upon confirmation from the carrier that the goods have been received and are departed. We courier your original documents to our overseas correspondent for coordination with your customer.
  • We are also able to coordinate returned goods shipments, by first obtaining authorization from the vendor overseas prior to shipping. The original import documentation, temporary export documentation, carnets, etc. will be recommended depending on the situation. Booking and shipping details will be effected with your office and coordinated with our overseas office for clearance and delivery to your customer efficiently.


Some of our export services includes

  • Automated Export System (AES)

    Golden Child Security and Logistics is fully compliant with the Governments requirements for the Automated Export System (AES). Our export system performs the necessary edits to ensure compliance to the Export Regulations imposed by various government agencies prior to submission of each AES record. Such edits include automatic screening of entities and denied parties; this protects our clients from unknowingly involving themselves with individuals or companies that may be directly or indirectly involved in unlawful activities that have been identified by one or more government agencies.

    The Automated Export System (AES) streamlines the process of exporting goods from around the world and improves the quality of the export statistics available to each countries government. AES was developed by the U.S. Customs Service, Bureau of the Census, and other U.S. Federal Government Agencies. Through AES, exporters and carriers electronically submit export information required by the more than 40 agencies involved in regulating and monitoring exports from the United States and around the world.

    AES is a joint program of the U.S. Customs Service and the Bureau of the Census; it is also the only United States automated system for reporting export data, both commodity (Shipper’s Export Declaration (SED)), and transportation (booking and manifest). This information is used by Customs to focus on high-risk export shipments and to detect possible fraud in reporting values and commodity information. AES is also used by Census to compile trade statistics that are used to compute such figures as the balance of trade.

    AES drastically reduces the amount of inaccurate or incomplete information received by passing all data through an electronic edit process. The trade statistics produced by Census are used by many different federal and local agencies for trade policy decision-making, export control, and port development planning, and by the exporting community and the financial community for foreign market analysis, penetration studies, and investment decisions.

  • Cargo Insurance

    The importance of protecting your cargo:

    • Once you have carefully crafted your international transaction, you don’t need anything to jeopardize the deal. When you purchase cargo insurance from us you are assured the best coverage door to door with the most competitive rates. Because we are arranging and controlling the movement of your cargo, we know exactly what level of coverage you need and can provide it without gaps or overlapping coverage.
    • We specialize in cargo insurance vs. dealing with a general business insurer with limited knowledge.
    • Leeds Security Co. handles the claim process, so you don’t have to. The fact that we have immediate access to your cargo documents accelerates the reporting process and ultimate settlement of your claim.