This service ensures each gold bar meets industry standards for purity and authenticity. It includes thorough testing and the application of our official hallmark.


– X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) testing
– Laser engraving for precision
– Certification of purity and origin
– Turnaround Time: 30 working days
– Price: [Price is calculated based kilograms or type of metal]

Express Hallmarking Service

– Description: Ideal for clients who require rapid service without compromising on the accuracy of the testing and the quality of the hallmark.
– Features:
– Priority handling and processing
– Expedited XRF testing
– Immediate certification and dispatch
– *Turnaround Time:* 24-48 hours
– *Price:* [Specify pricing]

Bulk Hallmarking Package

– Description: Designed for dealers and investors needing hallmarking services for large volumes of gold bars.
– Features:
– Volume discount pricing
– Consistent quality and certification for large batches
– Dedicated account manager
– Turnaround Time:** Based on volume
– Price: [Specify pricing, likely tiered based on volume]

 Custom Hallmark Design

– Description: Allows clients to customize their gold bars with unique hallmarks that reflect their brand or personal choice.
– Features:
– Collaboration with our designers to create a custom hallmark
– Application of custom hallmarks through advanced laser technology
– *Turnaround Time: * Varies by project

Hallmark Verification and Consultation

– Description: Provides expert verification services for existing hallmarked gold bars and consultation for clients who need advice on hallmark legitimacy.
– Features:
– Expert analysis and report on hallmark authenticity
– Consultation services for purchasing and investing in hallmarked gold
– Turnaround Time: [Specify time]

Additional Features for Each Service:

– Online Tracking: Real-time updates on the status of your gold’s testing and hallmarking process.
– Secure Transport Options: Ensuring the safety of your assets from pickup to delivery.
– Insurance: Optional insurance coverage for gold bars during the hallmarking process.

Customer Support:
– 24/7 Customer Service: Round-the-clock support for any inquiries and updates.
– Educational Resources: Detailed guides and FAQs on the importance of hallmarking and how to interpret hallmarks.

Re-Hallmarking Service

– Description: Offers re-testing and re-hallmarking for gold bars that may have outdated or worn hallmarks.
– Features:
– Detailed assessment and purity verification
– Removal of old hallmarks and application of new ones
– Turnaround Time: [Specify time]
– Price: [Specify pricing]