Import Services from Gold Coast Security and Logistics

  • We will coordinate BEFORE your vendor is ready to ship, assisting you with making delivery dates to your clients by providing accurate readiness information from overseas. As a customs broker, we can clear your cargo before it arrives into North America, South America, Europe, Africa and Asia for final delivery.
  • Our overseas office will coordinate multiple vendor shipments onto a single house bill or a single consolidation based on your banking requirements. Daily pre-advices from our agents globally provide you with the expected arrival information, which our local office updates without any delays.
  • Gold Coast Security and Logistics imports department handles air, ocean, bulk, consolidation & customs clearance for all of your import needs. We are a licensed customs broker that can clear cargo in every port in several countries.

Some of our import services includes

  • ISF Filings
  • ACH & PMS

    U.S. customs binding rulings in statement processing, to pay duties with one electronic transaction in a secure environment. ACH fulfils the need for swift, accurate payment transfers in today’s competitive business environment.

    Applying for ACH is very easy. Once the ACH application is received and approved, you will be assigned a unique payer unit number thus making you eligible to pay duties via ACH.

    The ACH process is simple: Leeds Security Co. transmits the payment authorization to Customs through the Automated Broker Interface (ABI). One ACH payment is made per ACH statement. The payer’s account is debited and the Customs account is credited with the amount due. It is secure and eliminates the time consuming use of cash or checks to pay duties, taxes and fees.


Here are some additional ACH benefits:

  • Controls cash flow by identifying the exact day to allocate funds
  • Allows you to obtain an additional ten days to pay duties, taxes and fees on quota and other special merchandise classes
  • Reduces administrative and check processing costs
  • Reduces administrative errors related to check processing
  • Eliminates lost or stolen check problems
  • Simplifies accounting system updates
  • Reduces reconciliation costs.

Gold Coast Security and Logistics ACH Advantage:

    • Gold Coast Security and Logistics can adjust its automated ACH system to provide the payment alert on any day you choose.
    • Gold Coast Security and Logistics can send you an advanced ACH report that indicates covered shipments, their value, and the duty calculations.
    • Gold Coast Security and Logistics will notify you electronically of Customs’ acceptance of your ACH payment.
    • Your biggest advantage will be the opportunity to participate in periodic monthly statement (PMS) processing. Once your ACH account is established, MY DELIVERY COMPANY can apply for PMS processing on your behalf.
    • By using PMS processing, importers may deposit duties on the 15th business day of the month following the month in which the goods are released. This means merchandise released on the first to the last day of the month can be scheduled for duty payment on the following month’s Periodic Monthly Statement. This eliminates the need to process duty payments on a transaction by transaction basis. Customs does not assess any interest charges for payments made via PMS!
    • PMS streamlines duty statement processing while also positively impacting your cash flow. You can have a once a month, interest free duty payment. This gives your company flexibility in managing the working capital required for duty payments.

The writing of a Customs Bond is a very important part of the import transaction. If the Customs Bond is not properly prepared and does not meet certain requirements, you, as the importer of record, may be faced with serious problems. Without a properly executed bond, your shipment will not clear Customs.

There are two basic types of Customs Bonds.

    • The first is a Single Transaction Bond (also known as a Single Entry Bond or SEB), which covers a single import transaction at one port of entry. The total bond amount is determined by the type of bond needed, as well as the limit of liability required by Customs.
    • The second type of bond is a Continuous Bond, which covers all entries made by an importer at a port of entry. The most common amount for a Continuous Bond is $50,000.00, which is also the least amount allowable by Customs of most countries we operate in. The amount of a Continuous Bond is generally 10% of the importer’s annual estimated duties for the next calendar year and its good for one complete year.